Monday, June 11, 2012

Koolaburra: F/W 12 Press Preview

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Koolaburra F/W 12 Press Preview at the Ace Hotel Lofts in NYC. The brand is famous for its sheepskin boots, sandals and footwear, which have been worn by celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Britney Spears, Kate Hudson, Miley Cyrus and Lauren Conrad to name just a few. With the myriad of sheepskin boots and similar styles available these days, it is amazing that this brand has recently introduced a sheepskin that is waterproof! I know a problem with my sheepskin boots is that they now have a nasty permanent stain around the edge from wearing them in adverse weather but thank you Koolaburra for a sheepskin boot that we can actually wear on those stormy days and nights.

Besides the innovative new waterproof sheepskin boots unique to Koolaburra, I found one of their most interesting characteristics to be the fact that they juxtapose their collections against eclectic soundtracks of music. Anyone that loves art and creativity know how two elements such as fashion and music influence one another and Koolaburra has tuned into that notion to create a unique aspect for their brand with their soundtracks of modern and classic songs incorporated into each collection. 

In addition to their traditional sheepskin styles, Koolaburra has been expanding its offering to include other footwear styles which this season include chunky heels, wedge sneaks, and the incorporation of prints such as the ikat featured below. I loved a lot of the styles, especially the wedge sneakers of which I am craving a pair for my closet, and the mesh cork-wedge heels from their Spring 2013 collection. I'll be looking out for future Koolaburra collections and hopefully soon I'll be one of the ladies sporting a pair. 

 If you are anything like me and see a pair, or two, that you are interested in purchasing be sure to check the Koolaburra website here . I hope to attend future press previews for Koolaburra and see how their brand continues to evolve and incorporate chic new designs and styles.


  1. The shoes look great. I love the high top sneakers with the Velcro straps:) Hopefully I'll be making my way up north within the next year or so. :)


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