Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Wild Wild West

I've been gone a while...Please forgive me? =) Okay, now that we have that out of the way I can explain. I've been MIA for a minute because of a huge move from the east coast to the west coast last week! It's been so exciting to move to the Bay Area in California to start my new job next month but also so busy. I haven't had time to upload posts like I've wanted to but I'll be making up for that with a GIVEAWAY very soon =) . I hope you all like free stuff!!

So anyway, I moved to Emeryville, CA about a week and a half ago and I absolutely love it here so far! The weather is nice, though it took some adjusting on my part, and the neighborhood that I live in is wonderful as I live on Bay St. For anyone unfamiliar with this area, Bay St. is lined with shops such as H&M, the Gap, J. Crew, Lola, Lush, Victoria's Secret and many, many more so it is a fashionista's heaven (or maybe my worst nightmare according to my bank account) But, so far so good =)

Here are some snaps revolving around my move and new city:

1 & 2. Packing for my big move
3. A gift from my boyfriend- A new bookbag to travel with
4. My roommate Tiffanie and I in front of our new apartment
5. Tiffanie and I standing on our balcony
6. My new street.. Bay Street
7 & 8. A cute store on my street, Lola
9. Another view of Bay St.
10. My fortune cookie from PF Chang's 

I should definitely have more time for posts these days as I've set up most of my apt and am able to actually explore and venture out with my Nikon. Please be on the lookout for an upcoming giveaway that I am really excited about!! But I want to know, what would you all prefer to be given away? Take my quick poll and let me know:

What would you like Nia Fashionista to Give Away?
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  1. What a beautiful location!!! Blessings on your new move....more pics from the Bay area. That scenery is gorgeous!

  2. How beautiful! Blessings on your new move...would love more pics from the Bay area...it's gorgeous!!!

    1. Thank you Nickie!! I will definitely make sure to post more pics from this area, it is for sure a beautiful environment. xo


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