Monday, April 16, 2012

Graduation Inspiration

With the myriad of dresses available for us females it is hard to funnel through all of the choices and pick just ONE for a special day like graduation. I am falling hard for the bright colors of this season, like magenta, olive green and aqua blue, but I still love my delicate, elegant pastel colored classics. If I can marry the two styles together to find the perfect dress then I will be one happy (and fashionable) graduate.

Since it will likely be warm on May 12 when I walk across the stage, covered in a graduation gown and cap, I want to pick a dress that is an airy, comfortable length for the weather and occasion. Yet, I also need a picture-perfect piece for the many snapshots (some that may be the last =( ) with fellow classmates and professors.

Hence, the graduation inspiration I put together as I prepare to find the greatest grad dress! Can't wait to see what I discover on my search ;-)
Graduation Inspiration

So, one day maybe I can splurge on a beautiful dress from one of these amazing designers but until then, I'll use it in my set. Click any of them below for further details or to purchase information

£1,329 -

$1,295 -

$745 -

$349 -

$469 -

$115 -

£25 -

$14 -

$599 -

$599 -

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