Monday, June 18, 2012

Kelly Wearstler Resort 2013

We've undeniably been barraged with prints as a mainstay trend of past seasons, especially exotic ones (think back to all of the leopard prints in multiple colors, zebra prints, floral everything etc.). But when a designer does prints as effortlessly as Kelly Wearstler, we can all find one unique to other brands and most importantly, to our closets. Inspired by an exotic atmosphere, Kelly Wearstler's collection is oozing bright and cool colored animal prints, gold and silver foil animal graphic tees and stone-washed denim. And what's even more special than being able to decide whether to wear a cool colored ocean blue tiger-print sweater with "clawed" mesh panels, or a fiery burnt orange one? Well, having the option of purple in addition to those two could be the only thing to top it. 

I love the Resort 2013 collection as well as Holiday (where some of my favorite pieces came from). View a sneak peek of some of the pieces below:

What's HOT...

The Cool


HUE by Kelly Wearstler



  1. Gotta love Kelly and don't even get me started on the prints - fab post.

  2. ahhh.. such amazing pieces, i love prints too!

  3. you got great photos!! such great pieces!

  4. Great pieces! Good Job :)


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