Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vogue China Internship: Day 2

Wow, so I am actually surprised that I have time to blog since I've been so busy with graduation, moving and starting my internship working on a Vogue China photo shoot! Thanks to a stylist that I've kept in contact with since meeting last Summer, I was chosen by her to intern on an editorial shoot for an upcoming issue as well as for her personal business. I am extremely excited (what fashionista wouldn't be?) to take part in this opportunity.

So far the first few days have been much of what I would expect when working at a major fashion magazine and for a fashion industry vet: contacting PR firms, picking up and dropping off samples, gawking over designer merchandise, etc. 

I just have a few pictures from my first few days so far. Nothing too grand but I wanted to share:

Vintage Vogue poster in the office

Took me forever to hail this cab on my 2nd day but was so grateful because hauling all these samples on the train would've been a feat!

Reflecting on the exhausting 2nd day while looking out of my boss's window
 I have always dreamed of working for Vogue so landing this internship is simply motivation that I can and will achieve the desires of my heart (with God of course). I plan to soak up every ounce of knowledge and inspiration that I can and along the way I will share as much as I can with you all through blogging, though I know I must blog about Vogue China sparingly in order to keep the editorial issue a surprise :-)

Well, that's all for now. All of these images are off of my instagram account which is where I plan to post most of the pics that I take so if you want to see them instantly (haha) then...
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  1. What a great experience you must be having with such an awesome internship!!

    New follow from the blog hop!!

    Showing you some love!

    Come on over to my page and follow if you like what you see :)

    xo, Jersey Girl


    1. Thanks, Jersey Girl! ;-) Will definitely check out your blog as well.


  2. And for those of you without an iPhone (such as myself), check out her Instagram pics here: http://copygr.am/niag/

    1. Thanks! I was wondering how to find it/do that.


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