Monday, May 14, 2012

Krysta Nalis

Another fashionista that inspired me this weekend, and has for my entire life, is none other than my big sister. Kristen Alyce Taylor, shortened to "Krysta Nalis" for artistic purposes and Krissy for most, is a model, teacher and artist that loves to write, dance, sing and enjoy fashion. Krissy has walked in numerous fashion shows and been featured on fashion blogs and in magazines, including the cover of "Woman Today" in Qatar. She is so creative and her fashion style proves it and this weekend was no different.

Graduation Day 1:

Turban tied to a T!

Zara Heels

Relaxing after graduation:

Graduation Day 2:

Night of Graduation

As you can see, my sister has style for days! You can all keep up with it past this weekend on her own blogs  that she updates frequently:

Blogger: Fashion Journal of Krysta Nalis
Tumblr: Kristen Alyce and My Polyvore Playground Tumblr

Be sure to check her out because she is a great source of inspiration! I mean, can't you tell from the way I dress? =)



  1. I love this!! And I am still sick that we didn't do a late night shoot on Saturday! We should have put Pete to work! He took some great pics of us! :)

  2. super cute photos! good job, you do deserve to relax especially now that shcool is over :D

  3. I love this, I really love your sisters style Kyrsta Nalis. I can't wait to see more!!

    1. Hey! Thanks for the compliment! Check me out at!! More to love there! :)


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