Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vogue China: Day 3

Day three of the internship was quite rewarding like the last two, and also just as exhausting! Today, I did more running around to pick up samples but luckily they were not nearly as heavy as the large bags I picked up yesterday. I've already realized that one of the parts I love the most about this internship is checking in the samples that come in. As I make sure everything has come in I've been taking the opportunity to examine the designer merchandise and analyze what some of the upcoming trends may be, as well as what the aesthetic of that particular designer is.

Accessories are some of the most fun pieces to check in (though they take the longest) because I promise I have seen some jewelry pieces where the only thing that popped in my head is "Every time I ride around my city, BLING BLING" lol. But seriously, it's true. In addition to sparkly, crystals there were bags full of colorful, spiked pieces to "Ooh" and "Aah" at. I had three more packages of accessories to check in by the time 430 rolled around but I had to leave early today to attend a Macy's event that my boss let me go to in her place (blog post to come later). I was yearning to take a picture of some of the jewelry scattered across the carpet as I ticked them off the list but I refrained for the sake of the future editorial.

However, I did take some other pictures throughout the day from the showrooms to the apt....

Photo above this and this picture: In a showroom in SOHO today picking up samples. Can I just take the whole rack? Thanks! 

Snapshots in the "closet"

Yep, and I thought my magazine collection was impressive... my boss has by far got me beat.

Won't be able to use these for the shoot so I snapped a pic ;-) Jeremy Scott for Adidas- CoLoRfUl! Would you wear these guys??
That wraps up day 3. As I mentioned before I am so tired! Whew, but it is a good tired =). Stay tuned for the rest of the internship as I countdown until the shoot date: May 21!!



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