Friday, May 18, 2012

Bar III Penthouse: Macy's Impulse Showing

On Wednesday evening, I was invited to attend an exclusive event for the upcoming Macy's Impulse Fall collection. The showing was held at Bar III Penthouse, an airy spacious loft inside of a dodgy looking building (sorry but it definitely didn't look like the right place when I first walked in lol). This Macy's collection features Women's Wear, Men's Wear and Home products and is only carried at select Macy's stores around the country.

The collection for the fall season featured a tribal inspiration with various exotic prints, a mix of natural textures and bold, warm colors contrasted against neutral earth tones. At the Bar III Penthouse they also served BBQ hoer d'oeuvres, Coronas and San Pellegrino, as well as adorable little desserts of vanilla and chocolate push-up cakes. Yep, push-up cakes not pops.

I can honestly say I loved the collection and plan to look for a Macy's that carries the Impulse collection when it drops later this summer. However, if there's none close by there is always that great little invention called the Internet as the entire collection will be featured online.

Be sure to click "read more" for even more pictures from this great event! =)

My NYC roommate Margaret and I in front of images featuring Impulse collection

Great textures and prints with an earthy, tribal feel were in abundance at the Macy's  Impulse event.
Make sure to click "read more" for more of the men's collection ;-)

Vanilla push-up cakes. Creative AND tasty!

I'll definitely be keeping these home products in mind for my upcoming move to Cali. There's a lot more to view under the full post.

These lovely ladies had effortless chic down to a science! The sheer printed blouses worked great on them. 
One of the many great views that I captured from the penthouse.

As you can see, I really loved a lot of what I saw and wanted to capture it on camera. There are even more pictures by clicking "read more" and viewing them all under the post. Hope you enjoy!


Mini sweet corn- How cute!

Enjoying the sun, the view and ready to enjoy my cake push-up pop!


  1. I wanna cake push-up pop and those two ladies in the sheer tops were just adorable! Looks like it was a lovely event! Thanks for sharing with us!! :D

    1. For some reason, I had a feeling you would really enjoy those cake push-up pops lol. And yes, they were so adorable! I am going to post a couple of more stylish young ladies later on ;-)

    2. Also, the prints and textures really made me think of you and your style, especially the home pieces.

  2. nice photos! really love that statement necklace!

  3. Every photo/outfit was great...very impressive

  4. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! :)


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