Friday, June 11, 2010

America's Next Top Model Contestant Making Moves

So, a friend of mine on Facebook is a wonderful photographer by the name of Sam Assam. His work generally features up-and-coming models with trendy, retro-indie looks. In my news feed the other day I saw that he had uploaded pics from a recent photo shoot with the infamous America's Next Top Model contestant Angelea Preston. Viewers may remember her as the contestant to consistently cause model mayhem as she rarely held her tongue or spared her opinion for anyone on or off the show. However, she has channeled that fiery energy into boosting her model career and as an aspiring stylist, I absolutely LOVED the photo shoot pictures of her, especially the elegant wardrobe which can be attributed to Kanika Gordon. Classy closet my fellow stylist, very classy.

Angelea fits the sleek clothes flawlessly and the flowy, soft-colored garments fall around her curves effortlessly. The bohemian pants are an excellent choice for her shape and the sheer, ruffled blouse is the perfect complement, adding a touch of sexy with her milky skin gleaming underneath.

Kanika Gordon's choice of accessories includes extra long chain necklaces paired with huge, rainbow-colored vintage earrings shaped like a circle. Holding up the middle is a white belt with gold outlining to add to the elegant feel of the attire. Wrapping up the accessories is a simple pearl piece wrapped meticulously around Angelea' wrist. And of course, something must be said for the soft fresh make-up, courtesy of Courtney Costa, highlighting Angelea's pretty pink lips, high cheek-bones, and perfectly arched brows.

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