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Rashida Jolley: Play My Heart Video Premiere and Interview

I attended Rashida Jolley's music video premiere for "Play My Heart," featuring Wale on Tuesday evening at Opera Lounge, the kick-off of her official tour. It was a sophisticated evening with the chic and classy, including the likes of Antonia Canon and Jeannie "Kitty of the City' Jones, as we sipped on Pharrell's new drink, "Qream," (Yes, with a Q) and awaited the moment we could finally see the video! Rashida, "the head banging harpist," who may best be known for playing the harp on tour with Lady Gaga, will soon be known for blending various elements of R&B, Hip-Hop, Classical, and Pop to produce her unique, distinct, melodic and ground-breaking style. 

Some of my fellow fashion mates also came to enjoy the festivities:



Anais, Arneisha and Chase

Anais and Me sipping the delicious "Qream" drink

And then Rashida arrived looking bright and sweet in her color-blocked v-neck dressed designed by her stylist and designer, Deidre Jeffries (Espion)
Rashida thanks the audience and gives a special thank you to her father, the late Noble Jolley, Sr.
After the music video premiere, which gave me slight high from seeing my cameo, I had the chance to interview Rashida and discuss her style, transition into the spotlight,  favorite trends/designers and her fashion advice for fans. Being that Rashida has already toured around the world with style fanatic, Lady Gaga, appeared on "America's Got Talent," The Ellen Show, The Today Show, The Mo'Nique Show, BELGIUM TV, GERMAN TV, and been featured in Glamour Magazine, Ebony Magazine, Sister to Sister Magazine, US Weekly Magazine and USA Today among numerous others, she has plenty of well-rounded experience that has shaped her fashion expertise. 

The Interview:

1) Nia: In terms of your music career, how has the transition been from being behind-the-scenes (with Lady Gaga), to now being in the spotlight? 
Rashida: Oh, my goodness! That's a good question! It's amazing and it was great. I feel so honored that I had that opportunity to go on tour. It taught me a lot and really prepared me for what's happening now and what lies ahead. When I go on my tour, which I'm so excited about that, because we're doing a spring tour and a college tour as well. A "Play My Heart" Tour.
N: Come to Howard!
R: I'm so excited! Yay, I have to go to Howard! You know my daddy, went to Howard?
N: Really?
R: He went to Howard University to get a degree in jazz. and my mama graduated from Howard, so half of my family. So, we got to kick it off at Howard. We'll make that happen.

2) N: How would you say your style has evolved over the course of growing as an artist?
R: It has changed a lot from where I first started. From just singing and playing the harp, to now coming behind away from the harp and dancing and moving and all kinds of stuff, so it really has changed. I really have to thank and credit Deidre Jeffries of Espion, who has designed all of my clothing for me. She knows I love cat suits and one-pieces because when I perform it gives me more flexibility. 

 Deidre takes me outside of my box. Today, I'm wearing this beautiful dress that she made for me with the bright colors of pink and red, because it goes off of  hearts, for "Play My Heart." She understands my vision and I understand hers and we come together. Everything she makes I love.

3) N: So, it's definitely a partnership between you and your stylist?
R: Yea, it's so funny because it's almost like Deidre is in my mind. She will show me a design and I'll be like "I love it!," How did you know?

4) N: Where do you take your inspiration from to come up with designs or just in general for when you dress?
R: A lot of it comes from traveling and going across the world.
N: Same here.
R: You too? Seeing different things from Japan and the exotic attire. And go to the banzai style of  Australia. And then there's Paris, which you can't beat. So it's the traveling, art and the music.
N: Your music and other music in general?
R: Definitely other music as well inspires me and every aspect of my life, from fashion, to art and everything.

5) N: In addition to your stylist, who are other designers or brands that you like or shop at or have to have when it comes out?
R: Oh, I don't know! I've been so committed to Deidre and Espion. Definitely looking forward to and love Louis Vuitton anything. 

6) N: What  are some of the biggest trends that you see, are following, or would advise fans to look out for?
R: That's a good one...of course, like I said I'm always a cat suit fanatic. Things that are really futuristic because Deidre will always show me sites with different cat-suits and futuristic pieces. I'm definitely looking forward to taking that to some other level.

7) N: Finally, what advice would you have for the followers of my site and their fashion style in terms of expressing it and what do you think you would say to them? 
R: I would say to them, be true to yourself. Everything I wear, it's always critical to me to feel comfortable. Sometimes you have to be outside the box and step out of your comfort zone, which is also very critical. But  step out of your comfort zone and still be connected with who you are.

N: Thank you so much! I'm so happy I had the chance to interview you and you look beautiful!
R: Thank you so much!

While this premiere was the debut of her "Play My Heart" tour, Rashida and her team will continue to premiere for markets across the country including, LA, Dallas, Philadelphia and New York. Don't miss her when she comes to a city near you as she was truly a sweetheart and exceptionally talented black woman that represents DC, music and fashion well!
May God Bless her in all of her endeavors as she is surely destined for greatness.

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  1. How cool! Congratulations! She is beautiful. I can't wait to hear more of her music.


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