Monday, June 21, 2010

Living out a dream...Do not Disturb

So the journey continues. Haven't updated in a while but you'll never guess where I am?! I'll give you three Hints

1) It's "New"
2) It's the fashion capital of the USA
3) Big City, Bright Lights...

Well, if you don't know by now it's the one and only, magnificent, "fantastical" NEW YORK CITY! Ahhh!! Soo how did I get here??? I entered a competition. The Center For Excellence in Advertising "Boot Camp" to be exact. It was a competition in which I filled out the application for it on the back of a Wieden + Kennedy program brochure at Howard University which consisted of about three questions. A competition consisiting of 21 students from all over the country. A competition asking us to do powerpoint presentations everynight in addition to two advertising campaigns in a matter of ten days. A competition which landed me an internship with the place where the process all began...Wieden + Kennedy.

I never expected from filling out that short application that I would get selected, and definitely did not expect to actually get to work at the GREATEST advertising agency in the world. Seriously, it is. If you don't know then find out, quickly. Some of their work has been for major brands such as ESPN, Old Spice, and Coca-Cola. But I won't spoil it for you just go to for all the juicy details.

Now back to my story...The competition as you may be able to tell was definitely intense. There was a little bit of "snakeage" going on throughout the process but out of the four teams I must say I ended up on the best. Seriously, we were. The Ganar Group ("to win" in spanish), is what we were called and win is what we did. Out of the 7 group presentations we won (drum roll please)...5! And for the overall advertising campaigns (one for coca-cola and one for NAACP) we took home the big shabang as was so a glass of coke. Don't mind me I've been sucked into the world of coke for the past ten days so a lot of comparisions may be drawn from my experience working on their brand. Ending off the competition was the announcement of the internship winners. Initially, there were only supposed to be ten internships given out but Ms. Adrianne Smith, the director of the program, ended up pulling some serious strings and landed EVERYBODY one. Pretty for the guy who quit the last day...what was his name again? But on to the best part...

So everybody received an internship but it was WHERE that was the ultimate question. The Wieden + Kennedy reps went to the front of the room to reveal their selectees (is that a word?) first...anticipation was heavy because, like I said, they are THE BEST and every single Boot Camp participant was drooling at the chance to work for them. "Our first intern we've chosen is..." No suspense here...

NIA GROCE! BLING, BOW, BURR, GUCCI! Okay so that wasn't my REAL reality I cried like a baby. But I pulled it together for the picture and the announcement of the rest of the agency choices. Side note: Joining me at W+K NYC is my DC roomie LaKeisha Herman (

And so here I NYC. Residing in the upper east side of Manhattan...that has a lovely ring to it. I'm getting a taste of where I will be after I get my bachelor's (because I WILL be living here)...and more importantly, I'm living out my dreeeeams.

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And BTW...I may be changing blog sites soon so don't get to used to this one! :)

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