Sunday, August 15, 2010

W+K features our Look Book on their website

As a final project and good-bye to the W+K New York Office, Lakiesha (the other intern) and I decided to do a Look Book blog. In the blog, we showcased the styles of various workers at W+K and wrote a little blurb about their personal style based off of quizzes that were sent out. When we got to Portland, we took pictures and sent out a survery to that office as well in order to compare the two and see who was the "trendiest", east or west coast? Apparently, W+K Portland enjoyed our blog and featured us on their website!

Here is the link with the article:

And here is the link to OUR blog which can also be accessed through the article:

This was such an exciting accomplishment for us! Maybe we will be able to take this project global and explore the trends in Amsterdam, Shanghai, Tokyo and more! Who knows...

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