Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pre-Departure: Packing and Such

Before I embarked on my journey I had to undertake a mountain of clothes, shoes and accessories to combine the best assortment for my five-month tenure in London. It wasn't easy. I wish I had started earlier because 2 days before departing was not enough time. However, after 7 straight hours of shuffling through the clothes, trading one shirt with another, and debating on this pair of boots versus that one on Saturday night I managed to consolidate enough of my wardrobe into two large suitcases to last me for the Study Abroad trip.

Yet, during this time I figured out a few tricks that helped make the packing easier:

1) One word: Zip-Loc. Zip-loc bags came in the clutch! They were used for my accessories, socks, tights, undies, toiletries (all the small items you can think of) and they saved me a ton of space!

2) Use small boxes (like the ones that jewelry come in) as storage units. I took a Boscov's gift box and put a magazine clip-out of Obama and Hilary on it. Then, I used it as my digital camera "case" since I don't have one and snapped a pink rubber-band around it to keep it secure!
I did the same thing with a bigger box and used it for small toiletry items.

3) Folding is crucial! It may be tempting to throw everything in but if you take the time to fold neatly it will save space and be easier to unpack when you arrive at your destination.

4) Always pick out your outfit the night before! Most people already probably do this but just in case, make sure to have your clothes ready the night before! And pack for where you're going not where you are coming from.

I hope these tips help you on your next trip! They definitely helped me. Adios!

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