Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Next to Hit the Top

With the abundance of search engines and millions of websites it is no shock in 2010 that in researching ideas for a fashion show the internet mysteriously ends up producing a webpage featuring an article about an newly budding designer called Rike Feurstein. A lawyer turned accessory designer and boutique owner, Ms. Feurstein is best known for her unique hats that have been donned by celebrities such as Rihanna, Reese Witherspoon and Janet Jackson; Don't worry, as far as I know there is not matching apparel that has a chance of "malfunctioning" o_o.

It'll only be the language that seems like it's going wrong if you catch a dozen of Ms. Feurstein's hats on the German version of a favorite "fashionista" show: Next Top Model; Which is fitting given that in order to purchase this hat from the flagship store, a trip to the Mitte neighbordhood of Berlin must be arranged.

Yet checking them out online, with your card as well as your eyes, is only a few clicks away for viewing or purchasing the luxurious designs

Germany's ANTM contestants sporting couture Feurnstein designs--->

<---Shaun (Spring.Summer '10)

<---Allira (Spring.Summer '10)

The 09'.'10 Collection is showcased on the Rike Feurstein website by stylized cartoons with the actual product being worn by the figure. Shaun and Allira product images, as well as the orange knit hat and scarf above, courtey of the Rike Feurstein official website.
The designs from the '07.'08 and '08.'09 fall.winter collections are classic as well so niafashionista.blogspot.com will be sure to see if these must-have knits and other artisan pieces will be returning to help fashionistas warm up for fall.winter '10.'11!

Get on top of these hats at http://www.rikefeurstein.com/, http://www.barneys.com/ and
select boutiques worldwide.

Fall.Winter collections hat images courtesy of http://agencyv.com/rike-feurstein/autumnwinter-0809/ .

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