Friday, February 17, 2012

NYFW Street Style 2

More of my favorite street style from NYFW Fall 2012 collections! 

What an excellent way to pair neutral tones and warm winter accessories.

A gentleman is never out of style. The jewel-tone blue pants are so trendy! 

Accessories rule this look! The floppy hat is such a winner and draws appropriate attention to her multi-colored locks.

Call me crazy, but is this one of my favorite style bloggers  Gary Pepper ?! If not, sorry but what an uncanny resemblance and style. Anyway, that poncho-sweater sports that trendy royal blue like the previous gentleman and complements the orange maxi perfectly.

Cute and quaint! The fur + colorful tights+ lace-up shoes are simple yet bold enough to stand out.

They totally look like the Lohans...but anyway, they were super-chic in all black with a pop of color.

It's the fashionable bloggers again! Quite unique and quirky styles that I love. Make sure to check out Reuben's blog (far right) Street Gazing

Fashion blogger caught looking stylish! 

She was in my previous post. Here is a larger glimpse of her look. Great accessories and colors!

She's soo adorable! The fur, the clutch, the make-up (which was flawless) and the Pepsi! It all matches! 

Another bright colored maxi skirt to add a bright pop to a simple, chic look.

Um, can I have that necklace?? What a cool rock look!

Wow, guess who?! Nigel Barker and Ms. J! Sorry my hand was shaking, I was nervous! =/ 

Ouch, don't  hurt em! All black with the leather pleated skirt, sick! 


  1. Great Pictures Nia :) I love your blog ! Ur the best


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