Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lady Gaga's Harpist: Rashida Jolley x Music Video Extra

A few months back I had the awesome opportunity to be an extra for Rashida Jolley's first single, "Play my Heart." In DC's Opera Lounge we convened for a day of shooting, dancing and networking to create her first solo video.

Some, may already be familiar with the talented and beautiful Rashida Jolley but for those who aren't, she is none other than Lady Gaga's harpist. Yep, she plays the harp for Lady Gaga! She was on tour with Gaga for the past year and now she is branching out as her own solo artist to show the world that she too can dominate the spotlight.

I took some behind the scenes footage that I decided to wait until now to release since the video preview was recently released also:

Rashida's Stylist and Designer, Deidre Jeffries of Espion, created all of Rashida's fantastic outfits for the video and for all of her appearances. 

As for the sneak peak of the video (Look out for a certain fashionista ;-) ):

Tonight I finally got to see the premiere of the entire video and it was so exciting to go back and see Rashida, the Jolley brothers, Deidre and everyone who made the video possible. Check back soon for my interview with Rashida where she dishes out style advice, more pics and the world premiere video!

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