Friday, January 27, 2012

Stars x Sequins

Yesterday, I had to meet up with some of the employees from my future job and wanted to dress nice but also casual enough to go through the school day.


I wore:
  Zara: sequined coat, white v-neck silk shirt with black buttons, light-pink skinny jean
BCBG: Black Suede Boots
Urban Outfitters: mini grey book-bag with white polka-dots
Portobello Market: Star Print Scarf


  1. I love the mix of prints with the stars and the polkadots! And the scarf looks great with that sequin coat.

  2. I LOVE this coat. Presently have it on hold at Zara (it's on sale for 60% off) and was hesitant about buying it as it might be too formal. Now, you;ve convinced me!

    You are beautiful!

    1. Aw, thank you. Yes, it is definitely worth the buy! Where are you buying it from (as in Country?) I have a friend that is also interested in the coat if there are more.


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