Saturday, February 25, 2012

IPO Obama Collection Photo-Shoot: Behind-the-Scenes

Last weekend, I did round two of styling as the creative director for the clothing company, IPO Lifestyle Group, LLC. It went even more smoothly than the first shoot I produced in the Fall for the promo collection which was a sigh of relief. We had 6 models come and my assistant, Lyasia Schoolfield, and I styled them all to wear the Obama 2012 sweatshirt as well as some IPO promo pieces.

The theme that the CEO picked out for the shoot was "All-American" and he wanted that classic American image of denim, big hats, boots and the like to send the message that it is almost time for Americans to vote and they can show their support for candidates in a stylish way.

Here are some behind-the-scene snaps I took in down-time:
My fringe vest I found in the thrift store was perfect for the shoot! 

Chloe's nails and jewelry went perfectly with her first look!

Make-up artist LaTavia Lewis did beautiful work on each of the models for their make-up and along with hair stylist Arneisha Copeland, they  pressed and curled the girls' locks into whimsical ringlets.

Model Sheneil Christian gets dolled up by LaTavia Lewis and Arneisha Copeland

Sheneil gets her finishing touches by styling assistant, Lyasia Schoolfield

Model Chloe Sledd takes her turn in the hair/make-up chair
Model Joshua Burkholder takes a break to check his phone between shots.

Preparing a second look for Chloe

IPO Modeling Vet, Tiffany Beckley, waits in her look for the group shot.

Thanks to Sheneil for these great red shoes that went with Tiffany's outfit! 

Floral-printed denim shorts and Ralph Lauren denim shirt worn under the IPO sweatshirt for model Talia Hawley. 

Photographer Stephen Miller arranges the models accordingly for the group shot.

That hat was meant for Chloe! 


Overall, it does not matter who you vote for but what's important is to get out and VOTE this year! Don't let your voice be unheard. If you're interested in more IPO clothing visit

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