Monday, December 5, 2011


My ears can't get enough of SBTRKT's self-titled album. The mellow vibe always gets my creative gears going with the soft melodies and futuristic sounds. I love it! I stumbled onto the producer, who is from the UK, when my friend played "Wildfire" and I decided to look them up. That's when I found out them is a him and he's produced for the likes of M.I.A. and Radiohead.
He also introduced me to Yukimi Nagano, a sultry jazz-soul singer, and her group little dragon. I've typically been an R&B girl but jazz and soul are slowly taking me away...

Oh and about his name and the mask, according to SBTRKT he wants the music to speak for itself. 
"The name SBTRKT is me taking myself away from that whole process. I'm not a social person, so having to talk to DJs to make them play a record is not something I want to do. It's more about giving them a record as an anonymous person and seeing whether they like it or not. If they play it, they play it," he explained. Hence the reason he wears the ceremonial mask when he performs as well. 
I can dig it. 

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