Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Art Professor

So, I went to turn in an assignment to my art professor today since I won't be in class tomorrow due to a Cali trip (yay!). I wound up in a sculpture studio that I never even knew existed on campus! There's something about sculpted heads, splattered paint, and hand-made art that truly inspires me and the studio seems so fitting for a photo shoot..hmmm.


But what inspired me the most about this trip was unexpectedly getting the chance to view my professor's huge, three panel painting that he created in 1972. As I was walking out I commented, "wow that is SO nice!," and he said "Thank you, I did it back in 1972." At first, I laughed and didn't believe him but as he unfolded the masterpiece I knew he meant business...or art, I should say (ha, I'm so funny =/ )

Behold, Professor Phillips' incredible, colorful, abstract painting, "Mystic Intelligent" that took 6 months to complete (which was fast because it was his "younger days"). Such a talent...


Um, so can I have a copy for my wall and have this in a dress?


Your comments are greatly appreciated!

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